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A dragon-boy with big dreams.

Avatre means everything to me.

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Name:Vetch (Kiron)
Name: Vetch (thanks to Altan tradition), but his true name is Kiron (named after his late father).
Age: 11/12/13 - he doesn't remember.
About: Born in Alta; now a mere serf for Tian masters, though that won't last for long. He is raising a dragon hatchling in secret. Her name is Avatre ("fire of the dawn").
Current Occupation: Dragon-Boy for the Tian Jousters. He specifically works for Jouster Ari and his dragon Kashet.

Disclaimer: I am not Mercedes Lackey - only a fan of her works. Leo Howart belongs to himself. This is all for fun - don't sue.

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alta, ari, avatre, bedu, coresan, dragon, dragon egg, dragon eggs, dragon harness, dragon mating, dragonet, dragonets, dragons, first flight, haraket, hatchling, hatchlings, jewel tones, joust, jouster, jousting, kamiseen, kashet, sand, seftu, serf, the dry, the veiled ones, tia
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